I received the email a few weeks ago and was surprised I got the Kissclusive on this. I can't even imagine being selected in the top percent around the WORLD to compete in a special event for Red Bull.

Scratch that - who can imagine being selected for anything after narrowed down from contestants in the world. That's masterful and it's happening now from 3 Boise State Students currently in class.

Garrett Dahl, Clayton Long, and Michael Parnell will be competing in this nationwide game for Red Bull. Hey, you have a few weeks to kill? The life of a college student right? Let the games begin!

Here's how it works: Over 3000 students at 60 universities were looked at with only a few chosen to compete in this Amazing Games similar challenge. These 3 BSU college students will be dropped of in ROME and have nothing. That means:

  • No money.
  • No cell phone.
  • No car.
  • No room.
  • Nada, with one small exception. Tons of Red Bull to negotiate with.

Follow along and make sure to socially interact with these dudes as we follow them online/on-air.

Check out the competition HERE.

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