Expectations are high for the football program at Boise State University this coming fall as head coach Andy Avalos enters his sophomore season at the helm. A rocky start last season never really came back around for the Broncos and for several years now, the team has been left out of national conversations for major bowl games.

Having a home crowd ready to be LOUD and PROUD is going to be crucial for Boise State's football team and if you're planning on being there, you're going to want to "have the memo". We an still remember when these color schemes were rolled out for the first time, years ago--yet some fans still can't figure it out!

Going to the games? Here's the scoop on how to dress; 

  • September 17th, UT Martin: You're going to want to check the grid as each section will be in a different color: Blue, Orange, or White and this is being themed as "Stripe The Stadium"
  • September 30th, San Diego State: Every single person in the stadium is expect to wear blue! It's a Blue-Out!
  • October 8th, Fresno State University: Another "Blue-Out" is in order so make sure you was your blues from the home game prior
  • October 29th, Colorado State: The entire stadium is going to be expected to wear ORANGE to this game--make it bright, y'all!
  • November 5th, BYU: Make sure you're dressed for BYU's funeral at this home game--it's a BLACK-OUT inside of Albertsons Stadium for this anticipated rivalry matchup
  • November 25th, Utah State: Back to blue...we're sensing a real theme for the year: blue.





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