Unless you're driving from Boise to Nampa on Interstate 84, there really isn't year long construction across the Treasure Valley. Don't even get us started on Interstate 84. Often times, however, there are little street projects here and there on heavy traffic intersections. Or, with the immense growth that the Treasure Valley is seeing, you will often see roads being torn up to expand underground infrastructure for new buildings.

One little project has Boise's "real ones" laughing.

We get it, if you're new to the area you may not be able to pronounce every street name right away... 

California Transplants Can't Pronounce These Six Boise Streets

These six street names have Boise newcomers confused! Can you pronounce them correctly?

Funny enough, one of those streets is the one we're talking about today... 

We originally scrolled across this on Twitter-- and if you're a Boise "real one" it would stick out to you as well. Consider this your chance to get some "local stripes" if you're a transplant and also caught the typo:

    Can you spot the problem here? Whoever cranked out these street signs totally misspelled "Kootenai", a well known Boise street. It didn't take long for other to chime in on the typo via Twitter, as well...      


Another person suggests that the streets department definitely hired a transplant!


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