Signs, chants, students, community members, and passion. That is what flooded the streets of Jefferson Avenue in downtown Boise today--and what built up and gathered on the steps of the Idaho Capitol Building.

Following along with a trend that was planned across the nation today, Boise High School students marched from their classrooms, to the streets at 10:00 a.m. this morning to spread one message: "enough is enough".

The point of contention for these students, of course, was gun control and student safety. As school shootings, most recently the incident in Florida, continue to happen students both here in Boise and nationwide want to see change.

I don't get paid to talk to you about MY beliefs on this issue and I know there are heated opinions on both sides of the argument. To some, more guns could be the answer. To others, NO guns could be the answer. To many, a median solution between those two extremes could be the solution. I think one thing we can ALL agree on, however, is that nobody wants these school shootings to continue.

That call for an end to danger in school buildings was the message from students today. Simply calling upon legislators to work towards a system or a reform better, stronger, and safer than what currently exists.

I applaud the students for really taking charge, initiative, and ownership in this issue. I think everyone can agree--an engaged youth is a positive thing. It was powerful seeing students take democracy by the horns today.

As the day went on, I developed this one thought. So many people ridiculed these students (both locally and nationally) for walking out and said they should be "stepping up" instead--or in other words, stepping up to make change in the halls (end bullying, etc). I think that's a great idea too! Let's not take away from these students, their chance to make their voice heard however. I don't think "Walking Out" and "Stepping Up" are at all mutually exclusive!

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