People are still trying their hardest to procure a new Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X. Anyone who's attempted to buy one will attest, they're elusive at best.

Even more elusive? A safe spot to park your car in Boise where hoodlums can't steal your catalytic converter.

First thing's first: Why are ne'er-do-wells in the Treasure Valley stealing the catalytic converter from under your car? Because they can make absolute bank recycling the parts.

This isn't some new crime or something that has never happened in Boise before. It just so happens that now, it's happening a lot more than usual. Like, a lot. Since October 2021, 44 reported crimes of stolen catalytic converters have been filed. Boise police had this to say:

Most of these thefts have occurred in business parking lots overnight but there have been some reports in residential areas like apartment complexes as well. Based on this data, we believe this is an increase from previous years but we, like many agencies locally and nationwide, have also seen an overall increase since the pandemic began.

That's all neat, but how can you protect yourself and your vehicle? Boise PD recommends etching your license plate or driver's license number somewhere on your CC so it's easier to identify if and when it's recovered. Also, obviously, park your car in a garage when possible. If you have to park your whip outside, try to make sure it's in a well-lit and visible area so thieves won't be so privy to mess with it.

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