Do you remember your first summer job? Maybe it was mowing your neighbor's yard or walking their dogs, or maybe flipping burgers, like me. Well, if your teenager is looking for their first summer gig, they're actually pretty lucky. WalletHub recently released their list of 'Best Places for Summer Jobs' and Boise came in towards the top.

WalletHub compared more than 180 cities around the country using 21 key indicators "of employment outlook, affordability, and downtime-friendliness." After the research was completed, they found that Boise came in at No. 20 with a score of 52.39.

Source: WalletHub

Boise came in at No. 59 for availability, 15th for the median income of part-time workers, 7th for the rental price for a one-bedroom apartment, 39th for the ratio of part-time to full-time workers, and 14th for labor force aged 16-24.

Nampa didn't fare too badly on the list coming in at No. 70. So where are all those Summer jobs? Comment below if you have any gigs for our listeners during the Summer!

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