There's nothing that a Boise State fan loves more than teasing a BYU fan. For years, these two programs have become regional rivals on the football field--and it has been heated since game one. Here in the Treasure Valley, you would be hard pressed to go anywhere without finding a BYU fan someplace. In fact, BYU is just as popular as Boise State, the University of Idaho, and any other local option, really.

So with so many BYU fans and alumni here in the Boise area--the heat is ON!

One BYU fan on Twitter recently shared a rather funny (and ironic) mistake after ordering his gear from Lids--a popular online sports team apparel shop. You can see the funny little "oopsie", below:


    The totally innocent fan did not expect, for whatever reason, Boise State fans to discover this and believe us when we tell you, it didn't take long.    







We get that Boise State and BYU aren't far off from one another alphabetically so maybe this was just a simple mistake--or maybe, someone in the distribution center had a lot of fun! Either way, we love the rivalry and hope that the fan was able to get his correct item from Lids!


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