Idahoans love their pets, they love the outdoors, and they definitely love taking their pets on adventures into the great outdoors! What risks come from doing so? We're luck that overall, Idaho is a relatively safe place and if you lather up the sunscreen, you're good to go.

For our pets however, we've got to be safe. It can get HOT here in the summer and that is brutal and frankly, dangerous, for your pet's paws.

Other animals and insects are a threat to your pets as well.

One Boise Vet--Habitat Veterinary Hospital--is warning Boise residents that they've had to deal with their very first tick of the year and it's time to be on the lookout, pet owners.

There are a few things that anyone can do to reduce the risk of a tick encounter: 

Tips To Prevent Ticks

You do not want to mess with ticks. Keep them as far away from you as possible. Now, that doesn't mean don't ever go outside! That would be ridiculous. Here are some tips to help prevent you from getting bit by a tick and risking Lyme Disease. Follow these Tick Tips to keep you, your loved ones, and your fur babies safe this summer!

Have you ever had to deal with this nasty things?

Full disclosure, we had to look at photos of ticks while writing this and our skin is crawling. No thank you.

There are preventative prescriptions available at Habitat Veterinary Hospital or at your own vet, most likely, if you would like to stay a few steps ahead of these nasty pests that can latch on to your dogs and start a whole slew of other issues.

If you're headed outdoors with a dog or even alone--make sure you know what to expect from the snakes in our area, too--

Snakes in Idaho, What's Venomous & What's Harmless

We love Idaho and love the great outdoors that the gem state has to offer. Inevitably however, if you are outdoors enough, you will encounter a snake two. While many will run away from anything that slithers, it is helpful to know which snakes are common in Idaho and which ones are dangerous in Idaho.

5 of the World's Most Deadly Insects Are in Idaho Right Now

Field & Stream, an outdoor publication that's been around for more than 125 years, put together a list of the most deadly insects (and arachnids, they admitted to being "taxonomically laid back" in their article) in the world. Five of them can be found in Idaho!

Rattlesnake Avoidance for Boise Dogs: 3 spring courses to keep them safe

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