Two contestants from the Treasure Valley have made it onto one of America's favorite game shows in the past month! How did their prize stash stack up?

If you caught Monday's episode of The Price is Right while you were enjoying your day off, you might have seen Carol Coprivnicar get the call to "come on down!" According to Channel 2, Coprivnicar went to the show's filming with her daughter and granddaughter as part of her birthday celebration.

About halfway through the episode, Carol got the chance to play "Danger Zone" where she had to guess which prizes didn't match their displayed price.  Her granddaughter helped guess from the crowd and they scored a huge stash of prizes including a moped, treadmill and computer along with a few smaller things that she plans on sharing with her hubby.

Carol's the second Treasure Valley resident to win big this month on the game show! Brian Hall appeared on the May 2nd episode and won everything from Coach purses, to a computer, exercise machine and the prize that every The Price is Right contestant dreams of...A BRAND NEW CAR! Hall's prize stash also included a brand new Mini Cooper.

Price is Right Live Returns to the Treasure Valley

Can't make the trip to see Drew and rest of The Price is Right fam in person?  Then you can check out the next best thing. The Price is Right Live is coming back to the Morrison Center on Saturday, December 3rd.

Contestants have a chance to "come on down" and win everything from appliances, vacations and yes...even a BRAND NEW CAR!

Tickets aren't on sale yet, but when they are they'll range from $37.50 - $57.50 and can be purchased through the Morrison Center Website. 

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