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Aaron Paul is back on the big screen in a limited release film that looks intense. I work with Aaron's amazing mother and she sent me over the trailer which looks so good.

Boise's hometown favorite plays alongside Sienna Miller in the gripping film that is every parent's nightmare. I was watching the trailer and unfortunately, these scenes are all too common with social media now. This story chronicles a mother whose daughter goes missing 😢

Aaron Paul plays Chris who is a good guy and later marries Sienna's character, Debra. In this trailer, it reminds me of that damn press conference when everyone was looking for a little guy by the name of Robert Manwill. He was the 8-year-old that was killed by his parents as those same people were speaking to the media in search. This isn't the same story but it's crazy how it took me there. That was such an emotional event for so many people in Boise and even the ones that didn't know the family.

This mom goes in search for her daughter and it's just too familiar with what we see every day. These are unfortunate stories but are happening in neighborhoods around the country. Now, I'm speaking from a person who hasn't seen the movie but if Aaron is in it - I'm gonna go support him. I'll see him in the halls every once in a while when he visits his momma. I've been so impressed with his support of our child abuse prevention cause and his family is just really cool.

If you're a Breaking Bad fan and need some AP before THAT movie hopefully comes out, Go see this movie, American Woman. Peep the trailer but it looks really intense.

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