Today is National Beer Day and Idaho is no stranger to local brews, as a matter of fact the Gem state has a plethora of breweries and with good reason, you see Idaho is the biggest barley producer and the third largest hops grower in the US.  In my humble opinion The Boise area has the BEST breweries with the exception of my fave McCall brewing which is located in McCall. Here is a list Boise breweries that you can raise a glass to on National Beer Day.
       10 Barrel Brewing Company– Brewpubs in Boise, IdahoBend, Oregon,                      and Portland, Oregon, production brewery and bottling line in Bend, opened in                 2006
  • Barbarian Brewing – Garden City, bottling line, tap room, opened in 2015
  • Bear Island Brewing Company – Boise, opened in 2014
  • Bella Brewing– Garden City, taproom, opened in 2016
  • Boise Brewing– Boise, bottling line, taproom, opened in 2014
  • Cloud 9 Brewery– Boise, brewpub, opened 2014
  • County Line Brewing– Garden City, taproom, opened in 2015
  • Crescent Brewery– Nampa, taproom, opened in 2009
  • Crooked Fence Brewing Company– Eagle, brewery with bottling, canning, and taproom, and second location with brewpub, opened in 2012
  • Edge Brewing Company– Boise, bottling line and brewpub, opened in 2014
  • Highlands Hollow Brewhouse– Boise, brewpub, opened in 1992; Boise's oldest brewery
  • Mad Swede Brewing Company – Boise
  • Mother Earth Brewing Company– Nampa
  • Payette Brewing Company– Boise, canning line, taproom, opened in 2010; Idaho's biggest brewery
  • Powderhaus Brewing Company– Garden City, taproom, opened in 2015
  • Ram Restaurant & Brewery– the company originated in Washington and now has more than 20 locations, including Boise and Meridian
  • Sockeye Brewing– Boise, canning line, two brewpubs, founded in 1996
  • Western Collective – Garden City, taproom, opened in 2018
  • Woodland Empire Ale Craft – Boise, bottling line, taproom, opened in 2014

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