Hamburgers are American. They are as american as the bald eagle or Chuck Norris. I am a huge fan of burgers and try to try a local burger joint wherever I visit. Being in Boise, I have had my fair share of burgers here in town and would love to rate my top 5 in the valley. These are locals joints not corporate places. Also I will rate based on flavor and pricing. (These are my opinions by the way)


Burger Belly has some great burgers on the cheap. They are your basic joint where you can get a quality burger at low cost. There's something about having a basic burger. If you don't like it, go to whole foods and get yourself a gourmet burger which probably isn't the same and is 3 times the cost. Burger belly has definitely found their niche here is Boise. If you are craving a burger, or you're hungover, this is your place to go.


This joint is progressive - their menu is out of this world. The Grind burger, which is their basic burger, has such good flavor, but then you eat their specialty burgers and your taste buds explode. Their DMZ burger is out of this world and the Gilroy is also a fantastic burger. I will say that it's a pain that everything is à-la-carte which can have a more pricey check at the end. In the end though, if you want to "treat-yo-self" and have an amazing burger and an awesome atmosphere, get on down to Grind Burger.


Big Jud's is a staple of Boise. They are also world famous for the Big Jud's Challenge, which is quite the task. Click above if you want to see what it entails. Regardless, their burgers are awesome. Amazing beef, not a whole lot of extras. You know what to expect when going in there, which means their menu is pretty basic and you are going to walk out satisfied. If you have yet to go to Big Jud's then you haven't really experience Boise. A similar thing to the Grind, is that everything is à-la-carte so it can get kind of pricey especially if you start adding burger toppings. But none-the-less, they are one of the best joints in Boise.

big bun

Big Bun is amazing. Big Bun is a true staple of Boise. Its been around since 1954 and is one of the best places to grab a burger. Their menu is large and awesome and everything on it is quite amazing. But we're talking about Burgers. Their basic burger is the right size, great flavor, the bun is amazing and compliments the beef. The prices there aren't bad either which is why they are higher on the list. I feel when you go to Big Bun you are getting the same thing people did back in 1954. The picture I posted doesn't do it much justice. It feels right and tastes amazing. If you haven't been to Big Bun, get in your car and go their now.

bad boy

This place is far and away my favorite place in Boise. They are so low-key they don't even have a website. Their beef is amazing, their bacon is juicy, the bun just meshes so well with the burger. This place is just the nitty gritty burger joint you want. In my opinion, there is nothing on this menu that is wrong. Hands down this is the place to go if you want the best burger in town. It's not fancy, it's messy. It's not expensive, it's actually pretty cheap. Bad Boy Burger is the best in Boise.

Almost made the cut: Fanci Freeze, Westside Drive In, Boise Fry Co, Hawkins Pac Out


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