Another weekend has come and got and between Halloween late last week and what ended up feeling like TWO 'Halloweekends' in downtown Boise, the romance just seemed to be out and about in the air. With so many people out--far more than on a normal weekend--attention and cuffing season feelings were HIGH and that has left us with a pretty impressive list of missed connections happening right here in the Treasure Valley. Are you single? Someone might have regretted not approaching you while you were out! I'm just over here trying to play match maker.

As always, if one of these is about you PLEASE be careful when you reach out-- use your common sense when it comes to talking to a stranger. On the flip side of that coin-- if it all works out great--please invite me to the wedding!

The the beautiful lady at bardonay, you will probably never see this, but I had to try. You were sitting by the fire place and were with an other lady, looked like possibly your mother? We locked eyes a couple of times when I walked in. Tell me what I was wearing and the color of the top the lady you were with was wearing. Hope we talk soon.

We threw it down pretty good on the dance floor friday night! You were crazy hot! I got your name and then you disappeared! I'm in need of more! Hit me up!

I know this is 1 in a million shot. Our talk just left me so intrigued about you. I should have walked you to your vehicle and took a chance. Was suppose to see you again Friday but they released my Dad. If you see this im sure you know who I am.

You three ladies looked absolutely amazing, I think you were on your way to a party given the costumes and vodka soda purchases. One of you dropped something that sounded like an entire aisle coming down, but it wasn't as bad as it sounded. We joked about it, and then you all were gone! I totally wanted to get your number, but was unsure if I may be too old for your taste. If not, let me know.



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