It's pretty're out, you see someone attractive, you do nothing about it and REGRET IT the second you walk away. It has happened to us all and I know the feeling as well as you do. What if that person was THE ONE!? Well, that's what missed connections are for. A full blown "Hail Mary", if you will, on meeting someone that grabbed your attention.

Well, I have scoured the internet looking for the latest, greatest, and most amazing missed connections and ONE OF THESE might just be about you... Take a look below!

This is probably a long shot, but I saw you tonight at the Gowen Field Fitness Center. You were working on some shoulders and I was there with a buddy. I thought I got some vibes that we were looking at each other and were liking what we saw from each other. Male dude here, so I could be wrong as I am pretty slow picking up vibes.

You were the waitress to me and my 6 other family members. it was my bday and you gave me the birthday ice cream im 22 now and i did give you my name so if you want to shoot me an email id love to get to know you and see where things could go from there. hopefully you see this and hopefully i hear from you :)

We talked two days in a row, yesterday we talked about your last name. Thought you had the most beautiful eyes and smile. Would love to spend time with you. Let me know what your last name is.

We kept looking at each other and would smile, you have black hair and were wearing a U of I jacket. You are a beautiful woman and I would like to chat with you if there was indeed a possible connection.

I came by on friday for lunch, you had mentioned to me about the foot long of the day and I was going to order my usual but you changed my mind. My goodness you're a beautiful woman and if by chance that you're single, I'd love to see you more. You also asked if I was on my lunch break and I said yes and that i didn't look like i was working by my clothing. Please get ahold of me or hopefully I'll see you again soon at your store

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