They're back by popular demand: Boise's Best Missed Connections?

Where did they go? Nowhere.  Why did I stop sharing these with you? I have no idea.

Little did I know that COVID-19 and "Quarantine 2020" would bring out the best of people looking to connect with one another.

If you're new to this-- every week I scour the internet looking for the BEST missed connections, right here in the Treasure Valley. Check them out, below:

Long Purple Dress at Fred Meyer in Nampa

Between 8 & 9:15 pm at the Nampa Fred Meyer, we exchanged glances in the health foods section. We saw each other again as you were passing by the self checkout. I was wearing a white cap, had a mustache & goatee. Would love to spend some time with you. Reply to this ad if you feel the same.



Pumping Gas at Chevron on the Fourth

Hey so seen you today pumping gas I was in a Blue Volvo , we made eye contact then some guy came up to you and was talking to you , I was very drawn to you . But I finished pumping my gas and left , but as I was pulling out the guy walked away and you quickly looked my way ... I should have just made a u turn and came back to chat . You were wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts , ... very cute . I am really hoping that you see this and get back to me , I will be working most of the week coming up at that red building on the corner next to the motel right before you go up orchard , stop in and just ask where the guy is that owns the blue Volvo ...
Blasting 103.5 KISS FM on the Freeway 
Hey you pulled up along side me on freeway your a blond haired beauty with Oregon plates ...tell me what I was driving ..i84 meridian

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