Quarantine Season continues and you're probably a little lonely. Stop looking for love because the Best of Boise's Missed Connections tells me this: LOVE IS LOOKING FOR YOU!

Check out the best of them below...and if one is about you-- you HAVE to let us know!

I thought I caught you checking me out. I kept getting too flustered to keep eye contact. You looked like you were on lunch with a coworker. I was working too or I would have stalled longer in the parking lot. Long shot but hoping you or your awesome beard happen to see this!

You: blonde with pinkish shirt, black Shorts with 3 boys.
Me: gray and white hat/shirt with camo shorts.

You are gorgeous. I would have attempted to start up a conversation but I was with my 2 sons, my mother and cousin.

If this finds you I just want you to know you are stunning.

I hope you see this but you and another lady was sitting on your car and you was the driver and you was so attractive and we looked at each other and smiled I was about to come say hi when a young man came out of the parts store and got in the car and you left. Sorry I missed that opportunity but if you do see this and would like to chat/meet tell me what you was driving. I was in the Avalanche one spot over from you getting a new battery.

I really should of told you that you’re so pretty. I went there today after work I got a pack of smokes and you told me something. Can you Remember what it was? You name is Maria I Believe. I hope you see this.



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