It's beginning to look a lot like CUFFING SEASON...allll throughout the Treasure Valley!  Not only was everyone "relationship-starved" during COVID shutdowns, but now, we're entering that season where everyone feels the need to get into a relationship so that they can do cute things together like take christmas photos and carve pumpkins. How adorable. Could this Cuffing Season be more rushed than any we have ever seen before? Only time will tell.

Like I do each week, I've compiled the best of Boise's Missed Connections. This week, someone could be looking for YOU to start things off with. Check them out below and as safe out there.

Your body was amazing! I told you I liked something of yours. If you see this let me know if you are interested in getting to know each other!



It was just the two of us inside the vape store on franklin. I recognize you from the past but I can’t remember your name. You are a good looking chick! Tell me what I was wearing and driving.



Redhead at AutoZone Saturday, driving red mini van with veterans plates. We had a connection, driving the Dodge. Tell me what you were or were not wearing so I know it is you. Would like to meet up.



Hey I would love to chat with you. We exchanged a few words about my motorcycle yesterday on 9-20. On eagle road near Buffalo Wild Wings.. I hope you see this and can tell me what color my bike is.




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