Go ahead and call me the doctor of love. Sure, my own love life is, has been, and probably always will be a complete disaster. But that's why I'm here for you! Who wouldn't want me--a real professional--in their corner!?

Sarcasm aside, I've spent the week compiling some of the very best of Boise's Missed Connections and it's true: some of these posts may be looking for you or someone that you know!

Check out the best of these missed connection posts, below and as always-- if you decide to actually reply to one of these: BE CAREFUL. You never know who is on the other side of the screen.


You were the passenger in a brownish Nissan rouge I believe i was driving an oversized load I looked down and saw your gorgeous eyes looking up at me and you smiled dang you are amazing you changed so many things in my life I know it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see this but maybe you will if you do would you please concider letting me take you out sometime

Nathan, this is Jess. I think last night when I put my phone number in and texted myself I must have finger flubbed my number. When I was able to charge my phone and turn it on, the texts weren’t there. If this is you, tell me what you told me about your sister last night or tell me the item you lost. 2 zero 8 - nine 6 four - 0 two 0 two

You were at the pumpkin patch w ur son dressed as black panther... I was with family or I would have asked for your info. I had a pumpkin hat on with my daughter.



You have blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. We talked about our plans for the night. You looked like you had a killer body !!! Your name starts with a R. Hit me up if you ever see this! You are female

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