The name "Zee Christopher" is a popular one around our city. Whether you're a foodie, active in our community, or tied to just about any charitable cause-- you've heard the name. But who is the guy behind the hype? That would be Chef Zee.

Spend any amount of time with Chef Zee and you'll understand why he's such a staple in our community. The guy is constantly working overtime to make whatever that project of the day or the hour just perfect. It's never about him, never about the presentation, but rather about the experience of the recipient that he's providing. He's a selfless guy and I'm lucky to call him a friend.

I believe in bragging about people like Chef Zee--because they'll never brag about themselves. If you hadn't heard, he's up for a pretty awesome award in a very competitive field.

The organization "Favorite Chef" has invited chefs from around the entire globe to enter this online competition--the award? Being named the WORLD'S favorite chef and a check for $50,000. The competition has gotten all of the way down to the quarter-finals-- that is the top 1% of all competitors, and Chef Zee is among them.

Zee saw, like all chefs behind restaurants, food trucks, and catering operations, the struggles that COVID-19 brought up. Not only did business come to a halt during lunch time at Zee's Rooftop Cafe-- but the space, which serves as a popular wedding venue also saw a hit. No gatherings meant no weddings.  He has persevered, as any passionate chef that has been cooking for 25 years would, but now he's asking Boise for their votes.

For a guy that constantly gives-- delivering food and donations to all sorts of local organizations like the Boise Rescue Mission and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho-- one free vote on Facebook is the least that our community can do!

To vote, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Zee's Rooftop Cafe, click HERE.

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