Is global warming a real thing? Is it up for debate? How do folks in the City of Trees feel about temperatures rising across the globe? The answer isn't as predictable as you'd initially think.

One would think that literally everyone is on board. Devastating forest fires, glaciers falling apart, really weird winter weather. All the evidence is there to spell out "Hey, it's getting hot in here. You might want to do something." Not everyone in Boise is sold, though.

According to Stacker, Boise's citizens vary greatly with how they feel about global warming. To the point that some of these numbers may genuinely surprise you. Let's go through some numbers:

  • Only 67% of Boisians think that global warming is real. That's almost 5% less than the national average.
  • 52% believe global warming is created by humans. Again almost 5% less than other parts of the country.

Are there cities in the U.S. where most citizens do believe in global warming? Funny you should ask:

  • 84% of people in San Francisco believe in global warming, which is significantly higher than the national average.

However, in Cullman, Alabama, less than half the folks there think global warming is a real thing.

Why such a wide discrepancy with these numbers in different areas? Experts say race, age, political affiliation and numerous other factors can affect how an individual feels about global warming. Around 82% of Democrats are global warming believers, while only a paltry 16% of Republicans are on board.

What's your take? Let us know on Facebook. Also, maybe buy an electric lawnmower or something.

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