I often find myself taking a stroll down the greenbelt behind the radio station when I need to clear my mind or just get a little exercise. The great outdoors is one of my favorite parts about living in Boise. I'm not sure if this is just something new to me, but I recently ventured off the beaten path into a woodsy, green area called the "StreamWalk," with a coordinating building called MK Nature Center. There is an abundance of Instagram-worthy photo backgrounds in this area. Filled with fish, ducks and other wildlife unique to Boise. It's definitely something to check out.

Exhibit information is found here.

With 15 different exhibits, there's plenty to learn. Some of my favorites were.

Beaver Dam Exhibit: Beavers are nature's engineers. The dams beavers build create wetlands. These wetlands provide great habitat for other animals while also storing water that keeps streams flowing during low-water seasons.


Butterfly Garden: This beautiful garden demonstrates how home gardeners can attract a variety of birds and butterflies to their own habitat.


Waterfall Overlook: Walk up the steps to get a better view of the waterfall. The granite rocks were brought in from the mountains north of Boise and are representative of the granite-based geology of central Idaho.

So the next time you're walking down the greenbelt take a look at the Stream walk at the MK nature reserve.

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