When it comes to brunching in Boise and the greater Treasure Valley, there are a ton of really solid, local, unique options. It doesn't matter if you love some bacon or thrive with veggies-- want traditional breakfast or something that Instagram HAS to eat first. There's something here in town for you.

The good folks at Western Proper in downtown Boise have built out one of those special "brunch spots" that our city just can't get enough of. Known for watch parties during The Bachelor, a killer mini-bowling alley, and some of the most addictive arcade games in town, Western Proper is back at it again.

This time, they've revamped their mimosa offering.

What comes to mind when you think a brunch with mimosas? Is it a recover and rally plan on a Saturday morning? Maybe a full-blown recovery after a wild Saturday? Perhaps it's the ONE thing you do all weekend for you and the girls.  Our point is that mimosas are meant to be shared and this new feature is fueling that spirit.

Call it what you wish, this literal HAT full of mimosa goodness is being dubbed the "Megamosa" by Western Proper and it is by far and large the most boujee way to celebrate some brunch vibes in Boise.

You can see the hat pictured below, which includes multiple glasses for sharing and a SPARKLER right in the middle of it.

Sign. Us. Up.


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