It may come as no surprise at all to most--but both of Idaho's senators, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo have voted against the Respect for Marriage Act.

The vote took place last night on the senate floor, where legislators voted on the historic movement to protect marriage equality in the United States. Despite the fact that Democrats have a majority in the senate--that isn't why it passed--the vote actually had bipartisan support.

The Respect for Marriage Act needed 60 votes to pass and it garnered 61--this included TWELVE Republican votes that "stereotypes" simply wouldn't allow most to expect could exist. It's a huge step towards progress.

The act exists because many fear that the Supreme Court of the United States could overturn and ban same sex marriage in the United States. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe vs Wade, unexpectedly, and led many to believe their marriages may be at risk.

In Idaho, two men represent us in the senate: Mike Crapo and Jim Risch.

Despite the fact that 12 of their Republican colleagues found themselves supporting the act, they did not.

At this time, no statements have been released by either.

In order for the act to be signed into law, it will need to pass the House of Representatives where it already has some Republican support. Then, it will be on President Biden's desk for the final signature.

Interested in the Respect for Marriage Act & want to see the details of if for yourself, without a political lean? You can view the bill in all of its entirety, HERE.

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