According to the Nampa School District’s Facebook, “The Nampa School District has continued to see extremely high levels of illness in our schools and community. Even with five schools on temporary closure, we had over 150 staff out and 53 unfilled classrooms today, Jan. 21. We have deployed all available staff and had numerous volunteers step up to assist in covering classrooms and duties, but we are still short of meeting our needs.”

Below is a complete list of schools that are currently closed in Nampa.

There are also updates regarding bonuses for substitutes who can help during these trying times. It appears substitutes can now receive an additional $70 per day, on top of $95 per day for regular assignments, $105 per day for vacancy-place assignments, and $125 per day for certified long-term assignments after the fifth day.

This Facebook update states, “The new bonuses will add $70 per day for assignments on Mondays or Fridays, and $35 per day for assignments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays." If you'd like to apply, here's the link.

As mentioned, they recently temporarily closed five schools, and they’re adding more to that list, most of which will remain closed until Jan. 28 (complete list below). If your school is Centennial Elementary, New Horizons Dual Language, or East Valley Middle School ... these specific schools were reported to reopen today, Monday, Jan. 24 and should now be resuming classes.

Below is a complete list of schools that are currently closed in Nampa.

Schools That Are Closed This Week in Nampa School District

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