Former Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien continues to make his presence felt among NFL scouts, coaches and owners.

Rypien was a hit in his post season All-Star Bowl game and now he is going to be one of only four quarterbacks to spent the entire week in Indianapolis rather than just a few days.

Rypien and the rest of the quarterbacks invited to the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Field this week will start their drills on Wednesday but in addition, Rypien has been asked to be one of the throwing quarterbacks the combine uses when they test running backs and defensive backs.

That means Rypien will be in front of the NFL hierarchy all week and while he's still predicted to be a 3-7th round draft choice the extra reps and looks can't hurt his chances of being drafted.

Rypien left Boise State as the leader in career passing yards 13,581 and competitions 1,036 but to date no quarterback from Boise State has left his playing mark on the NFL game.

Kellen Moore is in line to leave a coaching legacy but his playing days evaporated with little fanfare.

This becomes a big week for Rypien who will most likely take it all in stride just as he did his four years at Boise State.

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