Bryan Harsin continues to lead the football team at Auburn. Despite a well-planned failed coup, Harsin is still the leader of the Tigers. The former BSU coach must now rebuild his team after a disappointing 6-7 first season on the Plains. The Tigers need a quarterback along with several other players that have moved on to the NFL and left via the transfer portal.

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Harsin acknowledged that he never faced this type of adversity while coaching Boise State. At Boise State, he had every advantage in facilities, fundraising, and pay for assistant coaches. His team is arguably behind Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, and possibly Arkansas at Auburn. The Mississippi coaches, Lane Kiffen and Mike Leach don't slouch for game planning.

It's time for Bryan Harsin to become the Southern version of Dale Carnegie. He needs to win friends and influence people. Something he wasn't known for at Boise State or his first year at Auburn. Harsin has shown his tenacity by not walking away with millions when faced with the false allegations against him earlier this year.

Auburn's coach must now try to mend fences with players who publically attacked him for his lack of caring about them as people, along with big money boosters who didn't want him hired and came very close to getting him fired.

As we've stated from the beginning, Harsin was a poor choice to be the head coach at Auburn. He is a good man, but the coach would've been a better fit culturally and financially at a school in the West. To quote the old intro of the Paul Finebaum Show (THE SEC), 'where legends are made, and most college football coaches fired.'

Bryan Harsin must fight internally and externally to keep his job at Auburn. Historically most Auburn coaches end up being fired.

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