The last game of the season is here and it's time for traditional hometown throwdown. Boise State really needs a dominating win on their record including the rest of their games. BSU needs a big win against New Mexico at Albertson's Stadium on Saturday.

I'll get to tailgates and color schemes in a few but here's a quick snapshot of what could happen to end the season.

Scenario One: The Boise State Undefeated Run at the end.

The Boise State Broncos could eventually make a last-ditch effort at the Cotton Bowl. I'm not sports writer so don't judge me but I'm kind of plugged in. There are still a few teams ahead that need to lose in order for the Broncos to receive this gift of a Bowl. Right now, BSU needs to dominate ever last game that includes the Mountain West Championship for even a name drop in the decision making. The committee wasn't that impressed after the 20-17 overtime win against Wyoming last weekend. The Broncos are currently ranked #21.

Scenario Two: What Happens in Vegas gets broadcasted on ESPN - Last Vegas Bowl

If Boise State continues to inch by victories and potential slips up in Utah - we might be visiting Las Vegas. The city that doesn't sleep loves Bronco Nation because - we travel!

I know that coach Harsin would tell you a win is a win. I agree because nobody is getting anything without some "W's" The payday is HIGHER I would think for those bigger bowl games. Again, the Broncos need to kill and we don't even know who the starting quarterback is right now.

We'll be hosting a tailgate at Naked Fins on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. and the game is at 8:15 p.m. This weekend is all about school spirit. Wear any color for this "Senior Day" game. Wear your blue and orange 🏈

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