What do we have to do in order to spread the word, Boise sucks! I would but some Idahoan is gonna miss the fine print and think I'm serious. I don't have time for a Twitter battle

There is no escaping the fact that they're coming and it's too late. The invasion of transplants across the country is moving to Boise for all the reasons we love it. You know what? It's time to accept it. The best-kept secret is out.

I came across an article from a city secret shopper that writes for Business Insider. Katie Warren spent a few days in Boise to find out what all the buzz was and figured it out on her own.

Boise, Idaho, has been called the best place for millennials to live in the US. I spent 4 days there, and a walk through downtown makes it clear why it's so popular.

Katie even begins with, "everyone wants to live in Boise, Idaho right now." We're not talking about a few thousand new families moving to Idaho. US Census data states that almost 80,000 people moved her in 2018. That's like a new city that just sprouted up in the blink of an eye.

It looks like Boise continues to make one list after another.

  • Best place for millennials
  • Best city to buy a home
  • Home of the best radio talent like Kekeluv at 103.5 Kissfm (well, I saw that somewhere )
  • Best places to live
  • Best places to raise a family

I'm sure the list will continue to grow as the city explodes in population and growth. I wish I could have spent some time with Katie to give her a tour. Boise has a ton to offer but it's not just the city that is such a draw. The surrounding area is equally growing like Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Kuna, and Caldwell. Everyone is reaping the rewards of Boise's growth.

I can read a million of these articles but I live here so what's to learn from an outsider? Oh, perspective. I think we take advantage of this great city but sometimes it takes someone else to remind us how lucky we are.

This is Boise and Idaho through my own lens with my family, this station and peeps over the years #Idahome❤️

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