Well, it's Valentine's Day and if you're single you're either like me and just don't care OR perhaps you're a little sad there's no reason to celebrate. Listen, it's just another day and we're so much better with out all of that relationship baggage, anyway!

If you're "spicy" like me and have a former love interest that you're a little bitter about still...I'm TELLING YOU: this is the year to buy them a gift. They did their best to piss you off, neglect your worth, and leave your life. I mean--why would they NOT deserve to get something from you today!?

Ok...the sarcasm is strong. But THIS gift could mean a lot more to YOU.

The El Paso Zoo is holding a big "Quit Bugging Me" event that I know I should sign MY ex up for. In fact today, you can essentially adopt a cockroach from the El Paso Zoo, have it named after your ex...and then fed (on Facebook Live) to a REAL, LIVE....MEERKAT!

All you have to do is simply message the El Paso Zoo on Facebook and they'll get your ex (first name and last initial) on display.  At 2:15 p.m. today, you can check out the live stream and watch the little critters get eaten.

Of course, there are some pretty funny comments around this and many argue their exes are so bad, no meerkat deserves to eat them.  The choice is yours.

Visit the zoo's page, HERE.

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