You can call him the mascot of 2020 or the hero of the pandemic-- either of these titles fit for a guy that went viral on a longboard right here in Idaho. You know him by now-- Nathan Apodaca. His TikTok video which went ridiculously viral was very simple: he was long-boarding along a freeway, singing along to Fleetwood Mac, and pulling Ocean Spray from the bottle.  In a time when the country was bogged down by COVID-19, I think just about everyone appreciated the smile and "feel good vibes" from Nathan.

Of course, since the video took off, he has made a TON of money. From being surprised by Ocean Spray to being paid for guest appearances--oh, and now having made friends with Snoop Dogg.

Now, he is looking to rake in a little more income. For sale starting Friday morning will be the ORIGINAL 23-second video that was uploaded to TikTok. The starting bidder price is a hefty $500k. You read that right-- for the 23-second video.

There are some catches to this as well.  Since Apodaca doesn't own the rights to Ocean Spray, the logo on the iconic Cran-Raspberry bottle will be blurred. Oh, and the Fleetwood Mac hit 'Dreams' will also be stripped out of the video.  In short: up for grabs is a really raw version of this viral video and without the audio and logo, it might be a little awkward.

What's the point? I have never heard of non-fungible tokens before. According to Wikipedia they are:

A non-fungible token is a unit of data on a digital ledger that can represent a unique digital item and provide proof of ownership of the NFT

And, according to TMZ these files can really hold their value.

Don't worry--I don't get it either.

Maybe you can put that stimmy towards your bid?

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