If you're a pet lover and you're able, you might want to step up in a big way for this local dog shelter who needs a hand from the community. If there is one thing that we know for sure about folks in the Treasure Valley, it is that when there is a need--we rise to the occasion. It just so happens a lot of us here are pet lovers, so this need should be an easy one for us to meet.

West Valley Humane Society, located in Caldwell, Idaho, is a non-profit operation that houses animals seeking adoption and forever homes. They also offer veterinary services, which includes spay and neuter services, vaccines, microchip services, cremations, and more.

A very busy shelter, over 4,500 are given service here annually and nearly 1,000 dogs a year get assistance from the shelter for food.

Well, it's tough to feed these dogs when the food is running low--and West Valley Animal Shelter is asking for your help. Officials at West Valley say their need is urgent in order to sustain operation.

Adult dry dog food is of the utmost importance, in terms of what the need at the shelter is right now, however they also accept:

  • Adult wet dog food
  • Puppy dog food wet and dry
  • Chicken feed
  • Adult cat food wet and dry
  • Adult kitten food wet and dry

West Valley Animal Shelter also houses dogs that are 'found' out in the community with no sign of where their home might be. See which dogs are in lost and found, below:

These Lost Dogs Are Hoping Their Owners Find Them!

If you haven't seen your pet in a while--odds are it might be checked into the West Valley Humane Society and waiting for you to come bring it home!

Local businesses are also dog lovers--throwback to when 10 Barrel Brewing in downtown Boise had beer for dogs on their patio! 

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