June as you may know, is Pride Month. With all of the craziness that has gone on so far in 2020 and with the massive amount of attention drawn towards systemic injustice and discrimination as of late, Pride Month, this year, has had an entirely new vibe.

An event here in the Treasure Valley that has grown over the years, Pride has become  a massive event that includes everyone. Diversity, love, and acceptance are what it is all about.  Unfortunately, one or a few individuals in Caldwell aren't with it.

Last week, students and faculty members at the College of Idaho in Caldwell put up some pride flags around campus for Pride Month. It only took 48 hours for these to be found vandalized, spray-painted, and with writing such as "Not in my town".

Authorities continue to look for the person of interest, who is pictured in a photo obtained by Idaho's News Channel 7, HERE.

Even more students were drawn into the movement after the act of vandalism, as they turned the area where it happened into a message board of sorts for love and compassion. See the post from the College Of Idaho, below:


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