Lucky The Dj  is a man of many talents. Father, husband, and a jumper. Tune in each week to see if Lucky can jump a different object around Boise. Last week, he jumped a giant pile of snow. Watch this week as he attempts to jump the cannon in front of the Idaho State Capital.

This jump was one of my harder jumps. My radio sister Michelle from 107.9 Lite FM accompanied me on this journey. When we left the KISS studios, I didn't quite know what lay ahead. We circled the area in my new Volkswagen Atlas . As soon as we passed it, I knew it had to be jumped. There a couple (I'm not sure how many) historic cannons resting outside the Idaho State Capital. I'm not exactly sure what era they are from but it looks like World War 2. I did a Google search for Idaho State Capitol cannons and nothing came up.

Regardless, I just knew they had to be jumped. And quickly. Security patrols the grounds of the Capital and I wasn't too sure if they would be too happy with our attempt.

So did Lucky jump it? Watch the video to find out.


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