Why didn’t this come out earlier? The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us inside and away from our normal activities. We’ve completed shut off the different ways we approach burning calories. Do we get a pass?

I realized after checking my steps years ago that getting married, having children and just dad's life subtracted a few ways to burn those fats. Think of all the shopping you might have done walking from place to place and randomly working out at ridiculous times of the night. You can’t do that with a family.

Back to my question, “Do we get a pass?” The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay is calling for an entire summer-long pause on beach-body expectations. That’s funny in the interim but life has been everything but normal. Let me quote Jason here,

“I’m declaring 2020 the Summer of No Judgment. Put all vanity on furlough.”

Could we all just get a pass that includes staying home? What am I going to say when I get to work regarding this, “sorry about my love handles. I can’t be out to be irresponsible and putting other people in jeopardy during COVID-19. What do you expect?”

I know we would all love for that it’s just not going to happen because we continue to look at ourselves in a mirror. We can say what we want but that won’t change our belt size. That doesn’t change the extra filters you add to your Instagram. Summer is still coming and you can live on “dad bod” excuses forever.

So, we can laugh at this funny excuse for letting ourselves go if we want. I’m noticing a ton of Instagram ads that revolve on ways to work out and lose weight without weights. Damn!

Could luck. If you want the full article just burn calories by clicking below.


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