Last week my son left the blanket he's slept with since he was born at a hotel. They can't find it. I wish someone would have tried to search for the owner. That's why when this was shared with me on Facebook, I didn't hesitate so tell the entire Treasure Valley. Is this yours? 

The charm bracelet was found near Parkcenter and Apple and they are in search of the owner.

If you know anything about this bracelet or the dates that are so clearly meaningful, click on the Facebook post just above and send her a message or share the post on your Facebook page.

Angeline has received over 70 shares on this post alone and that's just putting it out in front of her friends. If I know one thing about the Treasure Valley, I know that we are loving people who want to help. This is our time.

This whole "losing something meaningful" situation hits close to home right now and I would love it if a stranger would have shared a picture of my son's blanket (Mr, Green - just in case you're wondering) to see if anyone could find the little owner.

Sorry, I got all emotional there for a second. I'm not about the pity party, I'm all about tapping into the love and empathy we can share with one another in order to bring more happiness to the people we cherish and even those we've never met before.

Pay it forward, kindness matters - whatever you call it - let's do it today!

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