This totally gives me the heepie-geebies! Every time I drive up the backside of Table Rock I get a little nervous about falling over the edge. That nightmare became a reality for five people last night. 

The accident happened at about 7 o'clock when the driver of accidentally had the car in drive when he thought it was in reverse.

According to an article on KTVB, the car went over a cliff and dropped about 15 feet, ultimately landing on its top.

It's a miracle that the five people inside only received minor injuries.

A heavy wrecker with a 50-ton boom was needed to remove the car.

No word on the ages or identities of the people inside the car. I'm just glad they are okay. If you've ever driven up the back of Table Rock, you know how tight of a space you get in and even though this is a pilot error situation it makes the possibility of something going wrong a little more real.

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