I love driving up highway 55. The scenery is so plush and while in some stretches you're admiring the river views and looking for the Jones beach exit at other points you can't help but be wowed by the tall mountains covered in pines and evergreen trees. After I go over rainbow bridge and play in the tight "s" curves that are just beyond the bridge the road opens up to a the plains that look like they we're painted by the hand of God. One of my favorite stops is Cascade. I love the old school theater, the giant moose outside the jeep dealership and Kelly's whitewater park is always fun. As cool as I may think that Cascade is the Mayo Nissula thinks it's time for a makeover and as a result the roadside town may end up on a TV show.

According to their website...

Mayor Judy Nissula told KTVB that the city submitted the video to the network on Friday.

The new show is called "Hometown Takeover" and is a spin-off one of HGTV's current shows, "Hometown." The hosts are choosing a second community of 40,000 or fewer and help them completely revamp their town.

As for what parts of the city that need a makeover, Mayor Nissula says the library, city hall, sidewalks, and streetscaping could all use a little improvement. 

Here is the video that Cascade produced and used as their submission for the HGTV show. The show is set to air in 2021.



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