After realizing what was happening in the studio here at 103.5 KISS FM yesterday evening, I walked out into the office to make sure I wasn't crazy. Sure enough, everyone else that was in the building was poking their heads out of the office as well wondering the same thing. Sure enough, yes, an earthquake did happen right here in the Treasure Valley-- a pretty decent one at that, registering as a magnitude 6.5!

As far as we know, no human injuries occurred from this earthquake and the Boise Police Department even tweeted out that all was fine in the city, as several rumors were allegedly swirling around-- some including that the quake caused a dam break which would have been detrimental to our area.

I haven't seen many posts about damage anyplace but I DID see that St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in downtown Boise saw some damage from the magnitude 6.5 earthquake.  Having grown up in the Catholic school system here in the Treasure Valley, I've spent a lot of time around this church and the folks who run it. It's unfortunate to see the damage even though it certainly could have been a lot worse. Check out the Facebook post with photos below:


You may recall the massive fire that blazed through the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France some time ago. Check out a video above from a good friend of mine, Fr. Jerry Funke of the Diocese of Boise commenting on the local reaction to disasters in our own local cathedral.

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