Today was interesting to say the least. While I was on the air today I saw a news story come through about a bank robbery in downtown Boise. I read the text alert and I thought... I wonder how much the heist was worth? Was it ten thousand dollars or was it eight hundred? I quickly moved on to the next thing because I had a lunch meeting to get too.

Fast forward 15 minutes, Mateo and I we're desperately looking for parking downtown because as always we we're late for our aforementioned meeting. All of a sudden we noticed cops everywhere and before we could park we realized we we're in the middle of a bank robbery or at least the part where to bank robber gets caught.

All of this commotion made me think.... Is robbing a bank even worth it? What are the chances of getting away? How much time does one get for robbery? Here are some of the answers according to

The average bank robbery netted about $4,330, compared to an average of $1,589 for all commercial robberies. Avoid convenience stores—the average take there is just $769. Better yet, go to England, where the average bank robbery nets the U.S. equivalent of $31,500.

So what are the odds of getting away. 60 percent of bank robbers get caught. Most robbers are caught the same day. In fact, the "clearance rate" for bank robbery is among the highest of all crimes.

I'm thinking that's enough info to keep me from attempting a bank robbery.

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