Cheers to another holiday that isn't really a holiday but we're party like it's one because...CARBS!

Thanks to being on the Olive Garden newsletter subscription list (no shame in my pasta game), I just learned that today is National Pasta Day! I guess I know what I'm having for lunch...and dinner...tonight! There are a handful of amazing places to grab some pasta here in the Treasure Valley and deals will be going on all over town today. Trying to dive into some pasta? Same.

As far as the major chains go, you can hit up:

  • Macaroni Grill: First responders are getting free ricotta and meatballs
  • Olive Garden: grab a bottomless pasta bowl for $10.99
  • Applebee's: Pasta & Grill combinations are $9.99

Around town at our local businesses however, we're hoping to find out which YOU love the most for a bowl of pasta. There are some serious local staples like Luciano's, Alavita, and Asiagos. There are also some hole in the wall sandwich spots that carry a great spaghetti.

What's your jam and what will YOU be getting in to tonight in honor of National Pasta Day?

Post up with your recommendations because if I don't get to all of them today...maybe I'll make it a Pasta WEEK!

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