"What is the third shift? The third shift, also known as the night shift or graveyard shift, is the term used for the work schedule that takes place from around midnight to the early hours of the morning. Though the exact third shift job hours may change from one workplace to another, this shift almost always happens at night." -defined by Indeed.

Today is a day to celebrate the night owls. The ones who get the job done and keep things going while the rest of us are sleeping. Thank you for what you do. National Today says, the day was started by "Jeff Corbett, who wanted to recognize the night-shift workers that keep our cities and businesses both safe and operational as we sleep. We are grateful that there are people who dedicate their lives to such an unusual working lifestyle to serve, protect, and maintain society’s operations. Today, we work towards promoting and increasing awareness of those who keep the shelves stocked, our water and electricity running through the night, and look after the sick, to name a few of the important jobs that deserve our thanks."

There are hundreds of listed night shift jobs available in the Boise and Treasure Valley area. Between SimplyHired, Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn there are a lot of options for full time and part time night help. Everything from night stockers for various places like Albertsons, Walmart and Win-Co to Medical EMTs, Hospital help, lab techs and caregivers to hospitality workers like hotel front desk clerks to security, police and more.

If waking up early is not your jam, maybe you are more of a natural night owl who should look into a change. While some people cant function well on night shifts, others thrive on the odd schedule.

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