In a new interview with Yahoo's Katie Couric, Chance The Rapper confirms he's going on a 40-city tour starting in April and shows Couric the only tattoo he's ever gotten.

He also talks about how Kirk Franklin influenced the sound of Coloring Book. Chance reveals he began to shift his music to the gospel-tinged hip-hop that permeates Coloring Book while he was dealing with a drug addiction in L.A.

"What's funny is I really remember, sonically, wanting to make more music that was righteous when I was in Los Angeles and I was living like crazy and I had a really, really bad Xanax addiction and I remember staring to feel like I wasn't myself and I wasn't doing something right and getting sick a lot," Chano tells Couric in the interview, which you can watch below.

Chano also explained the influence gospel legend Kirk Franklin had on Coloring Book. He and Franklin both appeared on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo track "Ultralight Beam" last year.

"I don't remember what it was that made me start listening to Kirk [Franklin] again [...] I grew up in the church, but I didn't really know how good Kirk Franklin was until I was in L.A.," Chano reveals.

He continues, "When I started listening to that, I was like okay, this is what I need to be working on. It got me into a range of music and understanding how chords work and not only how important pitch is, but how important tone is."

In other videos you can watch on Yahoo, Chano speaks on the way he's been influenced by Dave Chappelle, what else Donald Trump might have meant with that Chicago tweet, and the state of his beleaguered hometown of Chicago. "Our schooling system has been underfunded for the past two years," he says at one point in the vid. Chance used his Twitter account to announce that he's planning to meet with Illinois Governor Rauner to discuss that last issue.

You can see the biggest portion of the interview below. The bits about Kirk Franklin come in at around the 7:20 mark. After that, watch the video where Chance shows Katie Couric his tattoo.

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