Chance The Rapper shared on Twitter yesterday (May 9) that his aunt Kimberly Bennett recently died from inflammatory breast cancer. "

"My Auntie Kim lost her battle with Breast Cancer early Sunday morning. She was a warrior and wanted me to share this," Chance said in a tweet that also included a video his aunt made about the disease back in February.

In the video, she shares her story with the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I first realized something was wrong, my breast was going from purple to burgundy," she said. "And it was hot, and it was getting bigger and warmer, and it was painful," Bennett said in the video. She continued, "And so I knew something was wrong but I thought it was just an infection, they come they go. So I went to urgent care and got the ultrasound and mammogram."

After doctors ran several tests on Bennett it was confirmed that she had stage four inflammatory breast cancer. Chance is making sure that women know the signs of this unique cancer that often gets misdiagnosed by sharing his aunt's story.

Watch Kimberly Bennett's story below. For more information about inflammatory breast cancer, visit

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