Changes are coming to downtown Boise parking and at this point, aren't we all just used to hearing about "change" in general?

While the changes may be loved by some and hated by others, one thing is clear: they are being made because business and social lives are simply opening up again and after a year of well, whatever the last 12-months have been--we're all thankful for that.

So, here's what you can expect downtown Boise.  All of the parking spots that you have gotten used to seeing as "pick up only" for various surrounding restaurants will slowly begin to go away. You can look at this a few different ways.

If you're a DoorDash or UberEats driver, odds are these spots have been EXTREMEMLY convenient for you to swoop in and get food from downtown restaurants where there aren't conventional "parking lots".  Or, maybe you have just been doing more to-go food orders given the climate out there--or to support local business--I know that these quick pick up spots are really nice. Maybe in these instances, you will be sad to see these spots go away.

On the other side of things, MORE parking is going to be available in some prime locations given these will be freeing up as "normal" parking meter spots once again. If you frequent downtown for work or play, you may be glad to see that these are back!

In a statement released by the City of Boise, it was shared that:

As more downtown businesses reopen, the demand for parking is increasing. To make sure customers can find parking, beginning Monday, May 17th, the City of Boise will be reverting the “restaurant pickup” spots back to standard metered parking.

The first 20 minutes per parking session on all metered parking spaces will continue to be free by pressing any button on the meter. After 20 minutes, meters accept payment using coins, credit card, Downtown Boise Association gift cards or the Parkmobile App.


Maybe you haven't been downtown Boise in a while or just want a refresh on parking meter zones, prices, and rules-- click HERE.

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