Before the Boise River opened for float season, Quinn's Pond was one of the most popular destination for Treasure Valley residents to cool off at.  Thanks to its growing popularity, the City of Boise wants to add more features to the swim area.

According to our friend Don at Boise Dev, the city is considering over 35 different features that could be implemented into the park area surrounding Quinn's pond.  They're also considering changing its shoreline a bit.  One design shows part of the pond being turned into a natural wetland area while.  Another shows half the shoreline being turned into a  beach with a neighboring sand volleyball court, natural play areas, a fishing pier and a workout station.  The third shows the entire shoreline being turned into a beach and also includes a volleyball court, play structures and workout station.

The city has put together a series of posters so the community can voice their opinion on what the new amenities should look like.  They include pictures of the proposed natural play areas.  The play structures are things like logs for balancing and climbing on, large climbing rocks with ropes that encourage kids to strengthen their decision making skills and agility, rock formations and stumps to climb and jump from.  They've also included choices for what new picnic shelters would look like and what type of shade structures/umbrellas the community would like to see on the new beach.

You can also voice your opinion on what you want that beach to look like.  The choices are pretty cool.  In addition to your regular sandy beach, they also show some renderings of a rocky beach, boulder beach and stepped beach.

Another cool feature they're considering adding? Solar powered, outdoor work stations.  If you have to be working on your computer or tablet on a gorgeous Treasure Valley day, these give you an outdoor space to plug in at.

I've thought that Quinn's Pond was a cool area ever since I did the Y Not Tri triathlon there a couple years ago.  It'll be cool to see some of these ideas come together!

Want to see the choices for yourself? Click HERE to see the new plans and send your feedback to Wendy Larimore, the project coordinator at!

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