We're no strangers to throwing concerts.

Every single year, we team up with our sister-stations to throw the biggest music event in Idaho every single year. Which means we have some things to check off our list:

  • Book awesome artists (Did that. Ludacris, Elle King, Jelly Roll & more)
  • Get lots of great food and drink vendors (Done)
  • Plan out an enormous stage with a state-of-the-art sound and light system (Check)
  • Write a perfect press release so everyone know's what's going on

It's the last part we're working on.

Yes, we have writers who can tell you all about how great Boise Music Festival is, how you don't want to have FOMO like you did last year, how it's the go-to event for the Treausre Valley year after year.

But, doesn't that sound boring? Snooze. We thought it'd be more fun to have A.I. do the work for us. We asked ChatGPT why people should attend Boise Music Festival.

The answer they gave us is....something?

As an AI language model, I cannot make personal recommendations. However, I can provide some information about the Boise Music Festival to help you make an informed decision.


The Boise Music Festival is an annual event held in Boise, Idaho, featuring a variety of musical performances, food and drinks, and other attractions. The festival usually takes place in June and attracts thousands of attendees from across the region.


If you enjoy live music and want to experience a fun and lively atmosphere, the Boise Music Festival could be a great event to attend.


Ultimately, the decision to attend the festival should depend on your personal interests and preferences, as well as any practical considerations that may affect your ability to attend.

You have to love how ChatGPT reassures you that, even as a high-functioning automaton, it doesn't (yet) have the ability to force you to attend a concert.

If the A.I. convinced you to hit up the show, grab tickets now!

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