Is that all that you're hearing, too?

I may joke about it in the halls, it may feel like it's getting out of hand since it has in no way effected anyone that I know or love. It isn't a joke, however, and taking it seriously and making sure you're keeping yourself healthy IS indeed important.

All of that said, with the rise of Coronavirus has come a HUGE wave of canceled events. First, the NBA said the games would go on without fans. Then, they canceled the regular season. CANCELED A SPORTS SEASON. Disney announced their parks are closing, the NCAA canceled March Madness...the list goes on and on and on.

Locally, Expo Idaho has canceled events through April, major concerts like Cher at the Ford Idaho Center has been given a new date, and just got really cheap.

The trend of low price flights is growing as major airlines around the world slash prices to try and fill some seats. At this point, some flights are being called "ghost flights" as they're empty or nearly empty and are just being kept moving along in order to keep the flight status active.

I'm seeing flights out of town to various places that I would LOVE to go to visit friends or take some time off...and the prices are DIRT CHEAP.

Being that nothing coronavirus related has touched my's easy for me to think, "yeah--I'm safe, I'm going!". However I'm reminding myself that the World Health Organization and some of the smartest medical professionals in the world are saying: lay low and stay safe.

Are you considering any cheap flights right now or do you think it's best to not risk it?


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