You've probably heard someone you know talk about the Keto diet. Whether you're on it or are interested in learning about it before you try it, gathering information can become confusing. I just went through it. YouTube has a lot of videos starting one thing, then directing you to videos that say something completely different. It can be frustrating.

Getting the right information is important. If your mislead you could end up gaining more weight, get frustrated and quit. Or you can miss out on important micronutrients your body needs to function. Knowledge is power, and support can breed success.

That's why I wanted to start The Treasure Valley Kteo Community on Facebook. It's a place where people can come together and learn, teach, post, and support their journey through the Keto lifestyle. It's my hope that this community can grow and more people experience the benefits of the Keto lifestyle. I'm still learning myself, so I hope some experienced knowledgeable join to help guide us.

You can join the group by searching Treasure Valley Keto Community on Facebook.

Treasure Valley Keto Community
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This group is for anyone in the Treasure Valley that is interested in or knowledgeable about the Keto lifestyle. It’s a place for support, information...

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