I have a friend that works at a bank and she told me there is ONE phone call coming in that drives her absolutely nuts. It's when the caller asks "hi, I'm just calling to see if my stimulus check is in yet?"

Here's the scoop, people: your bank is going to have no idea nor are they involved with when you get your stimulus check. However, reports are saying that some folks are finding it already hitting their bank accounts.

Just announced over the weekend, the Internal Revenue Service HAS indeed began injecting cash into direct deposit accounts and checks have began to go out. If you don't have a direct deposit account set up with the IRS, odds are you're not going to see your cash for MONTHS. According to the IRS, those with the lowest income will be receiving theirs first and the tiers will continue progressively by income--working its way up to those who make the most and are eligible for a deposit.

By the end of the week, the IRS plans to have a portal built online for you to see when to expect your payment and even submit direct deposit info to speed things up if you would like. We'll keep you posted on that.


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