Last night was pretty crazy here at the radio station and if you had your radio on, you may have heard me explain what was happening. If you didn't hear, the power here at the radio station went out around 8:45 p.m. and it totally threw me for a loop.  I was sitting at my desk during a commercial break and all of the sudden I heard everything power down.

Lucky for us, we have a huge generator behind our building that's meant to handle these situations. Just moments after the power dropped, it sounded like a freight train was outside of the windows of the building. A train it was not--but rather out generator had kicked on and keeps limited power outlets going. Only the vital machines have power once the generator is running, so the desks and outlets around the office are out, however the studios are kept on. Here's what the KISS studio looked like with no power (and with no lights in the parking lot, it was extremely creepy!)

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media

When I wanted answers as to how much power was out, I went to the twitter account for Idaho Power to see if they had sent anything out. While there weren't any tweets there was a link to check the power status in your area and I had no idea this existed! I typed in the zip code and it showed not only where there are outages and about how many people were also out, but showed if crews were on the scene and when to expect restoration. It was so helpful! See my screenshot below.

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media

This site was so helpful for me and I would definitely recommend you use it as a utility--no pun intended--next time power at your home goes out! It was updated almost immediately.

To check your status now, click HERE!